Buying Tools

Glass Mosaic ToolsSince we are going to buy glass, we can also look for tools.  If this is the first time that you buy tools, let’s talk about what you need. And don’t worry. You won’t need a lot of them

First: a glass cutter, pretty basic, yes?  Well, I have discovered that they come in a wide variety to choose from, so try to choose the one that works  best for you, especially the grip. I choose a self lubricating pistol shape one.  I like that I can control the pressure and the way it handles in free hand scoring.  And don’t forget the oil.

Second: ruler.  You need a straight edge one.  As for shape and sizes is up to you, I have a 32” right angle one and so far it is all that I have needed.

Third: groze /breaker pliers.  Use them to break out scored glass or nibble away excess glass.  To groze, hold the pliers curve side up then using a rolling motion gently scrape  the glass edge against the serrated teeth;  use the tips in a chewing motion to nibble the glass away.

Fourth: running pliers.  They distribute even pressure on both sides of the score line to start and run a break

Fifth:  wheeled glass cutter/ nipper.  Used for nipping glass strips, rods, tiles.   Adjust the angle of the nippers to the glass and you will create a multitude of shapes.  Quick and simple, just place the glass in between the wheels and squeeze the handle.

Sixth: safety glasses.   Always protect your eyes!  When you cut glass there is always the danger of flying shards.

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