Selecting Stained Glass

Picture of Stained GlassNow that we have our design, we need glass.   Depending on how much money you want to invest in your project you can purchase it two ways;  trough a local retailer or the internet.  But first I will suggest you do your homework and try to learn the way that glass is made and the different categories of glass that exist (cathedral, wispy, double rolled, etc).  The manufacturing companies  do variations of the different categories and manufacture their own specific kinds of glass.

Next, find your nearest stained glass retailer, and go look and see what they have available.  This way you become more familiar with stained glass:  manufacturers, colors, textures, and prices.   Stained glass is either sold by weight or square feet, it just depends on the company.   The price will vary depending on the manufacturer; one of the most affordable stained glass that I have purchased comes from the Spectrum Glass Company.

Now that you have all this knowledge, it is time to buy.   Like with everything else, compare prices first, and the best place to do this is by using the Internet.   Just use any search engine and type “stained glass supplies”;  you will see hundreds of web retailers.  Each one will have deals or special offers, so choose wisely.

One last thing, the color samples that you see on the screen may vary from what you will actually get, especially if it is a mix of colors.   Always remember to buy enough for your project, because if you run out and you need to reorder, you may end up with glass that is different in color

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